Relapse, PIP appeal, starting Tecfidera

I’ve only been diagnosed for 3 months, but have had 3 relapses in as much time: Optic Neuritis, left flank burning and now right side numbness, especially in the arm which resembles carpal tunnel in the wrist.

I’ve today received my PIP assessment evaluation - I apparently scored 4 points on daily and 8 points mobility, so suppose I have to appeal now…
Amazed that they can say I’m fine to care for myself but I “can walk more than 20m but no more than 50m”
It’s a terrible system and really pushes people into a lot of hardship

Anyway, my arm was getting a little better, but I picked up a cold over the weekend and it got worse 10 fold. I spent all of Sunday and yesterday sleeping - like 20 hours out of 24. Fever/cold sweats. It was pretty awful. But today I’m far improved. Still not up and about but I made some soup and I can stay awake!

I knew that infections made relapses worse, but i didn’t think MS made infections worse. Or maybe it was just a bad cold? Seems to hit me hard but have a more limited duration.

I will get around to the PIP appeal next week, but want to focus my head first to make sure I don’t mess it up.
I start tecfidera next week. Meeting my MS nurse for the first time on Thursday.

You must do a reconsideration before you can appeal you can get standard rate mobility but state what they got wrong in the report make sure you ask for that if you haven’t already.

Sorry that’s what I meant by appeal; “Mandatory reconsideration”

In doing so, am i best going through each descriptor and giving examples of how I am affected by each? I.e.
Preparing food
I only use the microwave for preparation of food due to the difficulty involved in preparation and the fact that I’m generally too fatigued to be able to cook full meals


I would read the benefits and work website and maybe a day to day diary, also any medical evidence you may have, and ask the dwp for the report sent by atos/capita.

really tough to get enhanced unless you have lots of medical evidence so any you do have you must send if you haven’t already and if needed get the help of cab.