Relapse during Macenclad

my name is Bart.
I was diagnosed like 7 years age.
I was taking interferon, cellcept, tecfidera and last year 08.2021 and 09.2021 mavenclad.

I have next mavenclad planned on 08.2022 and 09.2022.

Unfortunately I have double vision now. I try to find some information about the treatment of mavenclad and relaps during it.

I wonder if the next mavenclad treatment has any sense if I have the rellaps now.

Mayby the mavenclad works in 50% of its ability now and only in the and of the year, after second tratment it will be more eficiebt and effective?

Do you have any experience in that topic.
Thank you for any help.
Have a good day