I was diagnosed with RRMS seven years ago but believe I’ve had MS for 25 and am now 51. I’ve been very lucky as have had few symptoms and only a handful of relapses. Of those only one was serious in that I had quite bad balance issues and walked with a limp for a few months. And that was 14 years ago now. I’m not on any medication as I’ve always been scared of the side effects.

For the last few weeks I’ve been feeling that my balance is deteriorating and I’ve had ‘jumping’ vision (nystagmus). And for the last couple of days I’ve been feeling as though my legs don’t work properly and I’m having to concentrate on every step.

This seems to have come a few weeks after a prolonged period of stress and a holiday in hot climes. Also I seem to be starting the menopause and have been having regular hot flushes. I know that stress and heat are not good for us.

I’m terrified that I’m now starting to deteriorate after years of pretty good health and maybe paying the price for not taking DMDs. Or have I just forgotten what a relapse feels like?! I don’t have a neuro appointment until January and my MS nurse is on holiday!

hi claire

make sure that your GP records all this on your medical records, which will come in handy for your neuro.

other than ringing the neuro’s secretary asking if you can be given any cancellations, there’s not much else you can do.

rest and eat good food.

carole x

Hello Claire

If you feel that this is a relapse (it sounds like it might be), you could think about high dose steroids which you could get from your GP.

There are some drawbacks to them and you might prefer to go without.

But, having it registered by your GP isn’t a bad idea.


Hi Claire

This is my first post on MS forum - but 2nd attempt to send

I put together quite a long message then promptly “lost it”. Despite being a fully trained touch typist of over 40 years experience I had to keep correcting it as I now find I hit more wrong keys that right ones!!

So long message short:-

I was not diagnosed with RRMS till 60 years of age. Have has this since 1981 at least. All symptoms over the years have been put down to other things. Did not have MRI scan till 2 years ago - I am claustrophobic and first attempt was cut short.

Despite being in reasonably good health for many years I now find I am having to acknowledge that there are things I am no long able to do. Like yourself I have avoided medication though I feel it won’t be long before I have to at least look at pain relief - there is only so much edge paracetamol & ibuprofen can take off.