Relapse - bowels and constipation

Hi Everyone

I am just looking a little advice as I am currently in a new relapse. I developed double vision about 2 weeks (first time my MS affected my eyes) also have pins and needles in my feet, legs, hands, face (these are my most common symptoms). I am on a course of steroids (dexamethasone). I have been on them for 9 days and I havent really pooped just a small amount maybe two or three times. I dont feel overly constipated but I feel my bowels should be moving as I am eating and have taken some laxatives but to no avail. Sometimes I feel like a tightenening senstion around my middle but no major stomach discomfort except a bit of wind. Has anyone else had side effects like this on the steroids or could my MS be making my bowel a bit lazy due to my relapse. Sorry for all the descripition but any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

hi cat

do you see a continence nurse? they are called bladder and bowel nurses now.

they can really help and can prescribe whatever is needed.

you can self refer to the bowel and bladder service.

carole x

Hi Carole Thanks for that, i think i will ring ms nurses tomorrow and ask what they think. I have never really had any issues with my bowel or bladder before so never been referred to see anyone. I thought it might just be the steroids as it has coincided with starting them so maybe in a few days normal service will resume lol. Thanks again Cat

Some medications can cause the bowels to slow down - codeine is notorious for it but it isn’t the only one. I get problems occasionally, a legacy of medical issues some years ago. When that happens, my first reaction is Indian or Mexican food for tea or a packet of licquorice allsorts. I prefer not to take medication to counteract side-effects of other medication.

I hope your MS nurse has been able to put your mind at rest.

Hi Carol. Have you tried Lactulose??? I am having bowel issues at the moment. I have lactulose as a start but that is not my main problem. I have catheterised for 3 years however I am now having issues with my “movements” It must be said I am on Butrans and sativex which do not help but this is defo a new thing I will speak to my MS nurse and my rehab consultant as my GP has no understanding of MS related issues. I find this all very difficult to discuss with anybody but after 5 years of everybody seeing and prodding just about every part of my body I am a lot more happy talking about it. Best of luck

Hi guys thanks for your comments. I spoke to my MS nurse and she thinks its more to do with the relapse than side effects of steroids so she recomended taking lactulose to help move them along. Have gone another maybe 2 times since but nothing major, though I do feel a bit better about it. Going to see my Neurologist at the end of the month so will speak to her though I am hoping I will be back to normal by then. This relapse has been my worst ever and its been scary.Mitzi I had a indian for tea on saturday night for that particular reason lol and Strudders like you I never used to feel comfortable talking about stuff like this but its great to be able to share our experiences with each other. I hope you get sorted.

Thanks again Cat