redeployment...hopefully right decision

today i started to roll the ball for redeployment, am terrified but know it is time to do it.I am off with anxiety whichhhh is mainly to do with work, they have provided several my role i manage other clinicians in the nhs and am no longer able to .be hands-on because of my ms. I would love to move towards service improvement if possible,despite getting support from my managers,union rep and hubby I am feeling crap, should i have done this ages ago, have I made others jobs harder, I know that my job was a big part of my life and me and i didnt want to give up easily and i know alot the time u paddled ur own boat but my reluctance to do this 2 years ago has made others lives hard…at the minute there are butterflies in my tummy,have any of you kind folk being redeployed and how did it go

Not in the same boat yet… I am also NHS (get my 25 year service award this year) and have been a neonatal sister for many years. I took myself out of clinical a few years back. I now do management and education. Was terrified that my balance would let me down when I was handling a baby…also some fine motor impairment meant some fiddley jobs just not possible anymore. I never wanted to put myself or my colleagues in a position that I couldn’t function appropriately or became a liability. I think I maybe was a bit early in my move but there was an opening and so I took it. Helps doing office hours rather than long shifts, plus if I am off it has less impact on the rest of the staffing. You will still have necessary skills that should not be lost in redeployment. Is there a less stressful role you can take. I know a job cannot be created for you…but if you can prove a need. What about some kind of training post? Obviously I don’t know your circumstances or current role but am sure at they will do all they can to keep you employed and not lose a valuable resource Julia