Recently diagnosed with RRMS aged 26

Hi all,

im hoping someone can help me feel a bit better about things. I’ve just been diagnosed this year with RRMS after numerous tests since becoming a mum last year. I’m only 26 and struggling to see the positive in my future after the diagnosis. I’m such a confident outgoing person but I’m really struggling to be positive at all right now.



Oh poor you. Diagnosed so young and with a baby too!

I’m absolutely not surprised you don’t feel very positive about the diagnosis. The people who end up feeling positive at this early stage are those who’ve been waiting and suffering for a long time before diagnosis.

Personally, I feel that everyone deserves a good period of utterly mixed emotions following a diagnosis of MS. Including a good amount of sadness and worry. A helping of ‘why me?’, and ‘it’s not fair!’ So allow yourself a bit of self pity and negativity.

Then start thinking about how to manage this beast of a diagnosis. Assuming you have the relapsing remitting variety of MS, you should think about a disease modifying drug (DMD). Your neurologist and/or MS nurse (assuming you have one yet) may have already raised this with you. The point of a DMD is to prevent relapses. By stopping relapses, you stop the damage to your nervous system and thus increasing disability. They won’t cure existing problems, and you could still have relapses while on a DMD, but the effects of the relapse should be diminished by the drug.

Have a look at You won’t get a completely free choice of drug, but should be offered a choice between perhaps 2 or 3 drugs. Every drug you take has the possibility of side effects, it’s a case of balancing the risks with the potential benefits. So have a look, familiarise yourself with some of the names and think about what might fit into your life. Think of the drugs as being an insurance policy.

With luck, you’ll be able to find a DMD that works for you and then you can forget about having MS, return to your normal confident self and enjoy being a mum again.


Hello, I saw your post and can relate. I too am a young mum very newly diagnosed and am still in utter shock. I am super fit and healthy and one of those people who struggle to fit down so am finding this all very frustrating as well as upsetting. If you need to chat I am here in a very similar situation. I haven’t yet been allocated a MS nurse, and have been told by the Neurologists not to look on the internet whilst I wait for the Nurse!? I found this all very odd because how on earth am I meant to get help and support in the meantime…? Of course I didn’t listen! Lol I don’t knowr anyone else with MS so hoping to find some support on here. Abby

I spoke with one of the neurologist team back in January, she asked the same question, I told her that I had but the sites I went on were NHS patient UK and this site and told her about this site, she said that it sounds a good site to go on. Kay