Rebifsmart query?

Hi All, im new to the forum, my sister was recently diagnosed with MS and is on Rebif Interferon. She was helped to understand how the machine works and is able to take it herself but has had a few problems with the machine, the nurses say its normal but it doesnt seem too safe.

Whenever she takes the injection as its coming out its twisted, bent or in the shape of a hook which causes her discomfort. She has been changing injection sites whenever she takes them which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is covered in red lumps from the injections and the flu like symptoms havent eased even though shes been on it for just over a year.

I hate her going through this and was wondering if there is anything i can do or anything she can do to better help herself.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Matt
Sorry for the long post

Hi Matt. I use an Avonex injection pen and I’m not familiar with the Rebif tool. However, I can’t but help,think that if the needle is coming out twisted and bent then there is something very wrong and it must make it painful . See if the two of you can get an appointment with her MS nurse to go through the procedure?

With Avonex i I take two paracetamol before the injection ( which I do around 7.30 pm) another two before sleeping and then again in the morning and maybe some more during the day.

At the end of the day, if Rebif is causing too many problems then she should talk to her MS Nurse about alternatives