Rebif versus avonex

Hi all My nurse wants me to change to avonex but I am really worried about injecting into muscle. Has anyone been on both and found the avonex more painful or can anyone advise whether my fears are unfounded…please !! Xx

I changed from beterferon to avonax because of injection reactions. Best thing I ever did. My sister injects in to my bum once a week because my leg muscles needed a rest. Its lest painful then you think and it’s only once a week. Doesn’t feel any different than the every other day beterferon . Better in fact. Liver function much better and I feel great.

Avonex is great - once a week and you’re done, and no site reactions.

You have already done the hurdle of sticking a needle in yourself in the first place - that’s the main thing. I think the Avonex set-up has come on since my Avonex days, but it was pretty easy even back in the dark ages!



The avonex pen needle is small only 16mm long. I barley feel it, only feel the pen touching my leg. So easy i always thought it would be painful but it never has been.


Hi Mrs H, Is this because of those high ggt readings you posted about recently ?? That’s such a shame as you were getting on really well with regard to the common Rebif side effects.

Hi fudgey Yes it is. My nurse wants to wait for the results of the ultra sound which I have on the 6th then I see her on the 10th. But that’s where she’s leaning at the moment. Xx

I’m really pleased and encouraged to read this stuff - I’m scared of needles but I’ve been trying to get used to the idea that I may need to get used to it! (I’m new so still don’t really know what to expect til I see the neuro again)

Sonia x