Rebif Titration Period Done!!!!

Well this evening saw my final titration injection and on Monday I begin the full 44mcg dose of Rebif .

Over the last 4 weeks I haven’t suffered from any of the flu like side effects (the only “side effect” I have had are some small injection site marks but I guess that’s to be expected) and if I was to experience any flu like side effects surely it would have been when the dose increased from 8.8mcg to 22mcg. However I’m prepared and expect them to kick in from Monday’s injection onwards so if they don’t then that’ll be a bonus.

I’m still struggling to push the button on the Rebismart though (I tend to get my boyfriend or my daughter to do it hahaha) but I’m sure that will get easier the more I do it.

I realise that I’ve been extremely lucky (so far) and I understand there are others on the forum who have started their DMD’s and are struggling with the side effects - I really do hope the side effects settle down soon. It’s certainly not my intention to appear to rub it in how well I’m doing on them while others are having a really hard time. There are so many negative posts on forums about how these DMD’s can make people feel that I thought maybe a positive post would be welcomed .

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and the sun shines like it did last weekend .

Take care

Pen xx