Rebif side affects

Hi all. Can as a question and get feed back on any one else with same symptoms

I have had ms for 7 years and in the last 4 months I have had this side affect that has just come on

when I inject in the buttocks and then going to bed I have been shivering uncontrollable and then having a racing heart (150 to 160) beats for about two hours…(note done a run on these days) this has been happening once a month went to hospital on one occasion and nothing of note and found

i went to doctors and said they had not heard of this and the Ms nurse also said the same but that anything is possible , I was just amazed this has just started 6 half years later… But doctor said lets do a 24hrs ECG and see if any thing is going on, so I had it fitted and went running when fitted and kept busy all day done my injection in the bum and surprise I had a episode in the night…so heart was put under pressure…

so this week I got the results from my ECG after being examined by the cardio… And perfect and normal

when I inject in leg on Wednesday in the night I woke up at 330 am and my heart was beating hard but not fast because I took my Blood Pressure which was 124/74 and heart rate was between 75 to 81 this also happened on Friday .

(note didn’t do run on these two day and just had pounding hard heart but not fast )

so is it worse when done run !!! Still keeping diary and monitoring

Any thoughts


Hello Jimbo

I don’t know anything about Rebif and it’s side effects without looking it up.

Good that tests have come back clear so far but the ECG was only 24hrs. The fact you say you felt your heart was pounding even though heart rate was within normal range, tells me you should go back to gp.

Either a 72hr ECG or echocardigram may give a clearer picture.

Good luck xx

Hi, the only side effects I had with Rebif was the usual ‘flu’ like feelings for the first 10/12 weeks of starting on it, after that I had no other side effects & I was on it for approx 8/9 years. I’d say go back to your GP for further investigations, just to be sure.

Rosina x