Rebif and weightloss

Hi As many if you know I’ve recently started on rebif. Three weeks this Monday to be exact. What I want to know is it possible to lose weight on this? I seem to have lost about 4/5ibs since starting and I’m not dieting. I was intending to but have been sneaking chocolate etc etc yet have lost weight? I also feel hungry a lot which isn’t like me either? Any advice would be appreciated. My m.s nurse did do bloods before my rebif starting and did say that my thyroid levels were slightly high…I asked about thyroid med and she said the stimulating hormone is slightly raised, but the levels of thyroid in your blood are still within normal limits so not at the moment. She is going to do more bloods when I go back in the 1st July. Just wondering if this is connected? Xxx

I have actually put weight on since starting rebif. I had lost about 3 stone since last august through anxiety and lack of appetite but since starting rebif a few months ago, ive put atleast a stone back on.

The rebif has probably made me feel a little more at ease, and has helped with the above issues i had previous.

Sounds like you needed to put weight on. And glad you feel less anxious. My worry is although I wanted to lose some I only meant about 4-6 pound. … I’m only petite to start with so lil concerned as I wouldn’t like to lose a lot. Also read up on overactive thyroid and I can relate to some of the symptoms. Just if this rebif is a success at full dose I don’t fancy having to come off and try something else? By success I mean minimal side effects. X

I started Rebif in may 2010 at a very comfortable 16 stone… Fast forward three years and I know weight a pathetic 7 1/2 stone … All I eat is junk bags of gums/pistachio nuts and drink dr pepper by the bucketload! I do use a WC and a scooter outside so I don’t know what’s happening! It all started with the Rebif within three months of starting it I’d dropped 3 stone and it’s continued from there . My cousin is also sp and a Rebif user,she’s the same weight as me, Who knows?

My weight has varied from 8st 5 to 9st 4 since being on Rebif so I don’t think I can blame the Rebif. I always seem to lose weight with a relapse and it takes a long while to gain it. I overeat for months and then it catches up with me by which time I can’t rein it in! Then my early warning sign is that I’m losing weight without trying and bang - along comes a relapse. I’ve learned my lesson this time - don’t throw out my skinny clothes 'cos I’m bound to need them again.

In short, I don’t have any answers :wink:

Tracey x