I was just wondering, is there more levels of the ESA support group?

I was told that I am on indefinite support group, yet been told that I will have to do all the tests again in 2015! I don’t see that as indefinite at all.

So like DLA when they put you on levels then test you every year, and if your on indefinite they wont test you at all apart from this stupid PIP 2015 grrr… anyway just wondering before I leave my claim to long to appeal.

Thankyou x

Tumble weed :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as I am aware there are just 2 groups - WRAG and Support Group.

There are not any published levels of support group. There may be some unwritten rules regarding when they reassess people but it’s not written in statute.

If you have been put in the support group that’s as good as it gets. As we all know “indefinite” means Jack. You just have to hope that reassessment doesn’t come too soon.

There’s nothing to appeal. Just sit back and enjoy the success that you have achieved. Reassessment is always easier if your health hasn’t improved. You have already established your eligibility. Next time round it will be easier to show that you are the same if not worse. (Of course if you have had a miraculous cure in the meantime we all want to know about it and you will make so much money that you can give DWP the finger LOL)