Problems with injecting legs

Hi, I’m on Copaxone and I just cannot get a decent injection in my right leg. Always happens with the right, wherever I do it, it pours with blood and leaves my leg aching for ages. I’ve tried reducing the depth of needle and moving around in different places. When I first started the med about 4 months ago, the connections nurse came out as I was having problems and she said I’d been doing it in the wrong place. I used to inject at the side of my thigh so she said do it between the top and side of the thigh as there was more fat there…so we did one together and again, loads of blood but leg only hurt for a few minutes. Does anyone find it best to inject right at the front of the thigh as I haven’t tried there yet as nurse said that wasn’t the ideal place but I’m not sure why that is and I’m tempted to try it. It’s really strange that this only happens with the right leg, I don’t have much problem with any of the other injection sites.

when i first started on copaxone i had the same problem but did not bleed. the pain was pretty bad. i told my ms nurse and she told me just to stop doing my legs. i did and have being very happy with injecting and no problems since then

my legs bleed when i inject them.

my arms sometimes sort of spit the needle out resulting in me getting sprayed with copaxone.

my tum hurts when i inject it.

the only successful site for me is my bottom (incidentally the only site with plenty fat)

hey ho, i sppose it all adds to the fun

carole x

ps my neuro told me that they are hoping to offer double dose needles to be used 3 times a week.

just waiting for these double dose needles to be available and he has promised me that i can try them as soon as they are ready.

My right leg is the worst aswell.

My reactions come out the following day though and are the size of a mug ring. I normally manually inject and have tried at all depths and places.I am currently trying on 6 with the autoject…same reactions and they drive me insane for up to 5 days if I get hot.

I think we all get somewhere that for some reason our bodies take exception to.

The copaxone nurse said to just leave my right leg out,but I am carrying on for now to see if I can crack it.

Its interesting what Carole said about it coming out and spraying as that happened to me once and I thought I must of done something wrong.

Another bit of good news is that my ms nurse says we can go straight from copaxone to BG12 if it becomes available,unlike having to try one of the other injectables first like we would for Gileyna.