Pregabalin, why is it now classed as addictive

Agreed - the side effects, although a pain, are preferable to my symptoms before I started the meds.

I guess finding the perfect medication is a long and drawn out journey for everyone!

Five quid a tablet on the streets

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And that’s exactly the trouble, isn’t it? Once there’s a lively trade on the lawless side of the market, the thing becomes harder for people like us to source (and use) legitimately! Way of the world, as others have said. :frowning:


And another thing - street users taking something they were told was pregabalin (or similar) and taking it at the same time as heroin or whatever, cut with the Lord knows what else, can sink into respiratory failure and wake up dead. That’s why it’s now considered so dangerous.


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Five pound a tablet, crikey. I’ve been on it over 10 years, I could have been rich lol. Seriously though it has made a massive difference to my life, it has just about made it tolerable.


I read this thread with interest and wondered what would happen when I ordered my Gabapentin - nothing different. I ordered online on Monday and the pharmacy has just delivered it, I didn’t even sign the back of the prescription, the chap who delivered it said he would do so which he often does.

I hope everyone else manages as easily as I have done!

Sarah x

Same here, I ordered mine online on Monday as usual and they were delivered yesterday. The only difference was that my partner had to sign for them at the door.

Hopefully this will be the norm as getting our medications delivered is a necessity for many of us.


I was under the impression you couldnt get them as repeat prescription by ringing up about them as the doctor has to sign the prescription and keep an eye on it. seems to me a lot of surgerys are not bothering then, so what is the point lol.

My daughter has been called in to see her GP as she is now talking about taking her off preglabin (lyrica) which my daughter wants to do. Obviously her surgery is on the ball.

The only differance is you sighn it twice it’s then your responsibility to keep it safe and away from recreational users.