Predictive texting

My lovely daughter sent me a coupon to order 4 weeks of treats from the online Graze site. I’ve been naughty and mainly chosen sweet ones

I sent her a pic yesterday of the first one, with this message.

" I’ve picked yummy treats. The puss

can be popped in microwave for ten seconds"

Puss was meant to read pud.

My daughter was highly amused. Of course we love all animals and don’t think it would be funny to put a cat in a microwave

Predictive texting could get you in trouble though

my husband sent me loads of strange messages.

the best was a reply to a question i had texted to him “Oklahoma”.

poor thing his eyesight ain’t too good and he’s deaf as a post!

still if you can sing along to an old musical it cant be all bad.

carole x

please dont cook the puss

ohhh I read about a woman who put dog in mirowave poor thing died

I spend lots time in bed using my kindle and that gives me some starange results

Sorry if people have ever wondered what AM I saying


No Don!! I never think anything like that after all, I’m mummy to a baby Oleg toy

HEeee heee

lol noreen!

i cant use it cos it further confuses me! but my friend does and i get me some strange messages that take me ages to understand (good excuse to phone her and say what the heck…