PPMS sudden deterioration

Anybody experienced a sudden deterioration with ppms? At diagnosis I was told that progression was usually at a steady rate. Mine has thankfully been a steady slow progression until last week when I fell due to balance problems. Suddenly I have experienced much worse walking, fatigue and balance. I am inclined to call it a relapse, but didn’t think that such a thing happened with ppms.

Sorry I should have waited longer! Woke up this morning still groggy, but having had a better nights sleep last night and a rest this morning I’m feeling as though I’m possibly over it.

I find MS acts as an amplifier.

I’m recently back from hospital following an episode of cellulitis. I’ve had it before but this time it was on my “good” leg, plus it was a couple of years since the last one and I’m not as robust as I was last time.

Also, comorbidities. The associated conditions or weaknesses as a result of having MS. In my case, I had chronic lower back pain pre-MS and the muscle atrophy / deconditioning through not being able to exercise properly is such that my standing & walking is limited as much by the pain of holding myself up as it is by the numbness and loss of motor control in my legs.

What are your comorbidities?