PPMS or not as the case may be

Hi, my name is Sara I was diagnosed with PPMS back in March of this year. Then i went to see a neurologist that specialised in MS he said he had seen the MRI scan and that PPMS there should be no brain activity but that a little was shown.So i am a little unsure which one i have. As this is all new to me can you start with one MS diagnosis then find out it has changed to another over time. I am 57 but my local gp thinks i may have first gone to them in 2009 with the start of MS. I would welcome your input regarding this situation if yourself have had this situation and how was it resolved if indeed it has been At the moment i don’t know what to think. Thanks in advance.

I can’t really answer your question, but have you looked at the rest of the MS Society website? The section on What is MS? may help answer some of your questions.

I am slighty puzzled by your neuro’s comment that there should be no brain activity in PPMS - I have PPMS and as far as I am aware, I have lesions in my brain as well as on my spine. As far as changing diagnoses goes, people with RRMS may develop SPMS, or occasionally doctors change their minds about what the correct diagnosis is, but that isn’t common. If you don’t understand anything your neuro (or any other medical professional, for that matter) says, tell him you don’t understand and ask him to explain. A good doctor won’t mind explaining things so that you understand what’s going on.