PPMS and DMD's

My understanding is that if you’re dx’d as having PPMS then you don’t get DMDs.

Whilst DMDs may not halt the decline in some parts of the body why would they not work on other parts.

If for instance the legs are gradually getting weaker without any sign of recovery might not a DMD prevent the arms who are the moment from starting to pack up?

DND’s - Disease modifying Drugs

hi krak

ms does it’s own sweet thing regardless.

how long is a piece of string is an easier question to answer.

i built up the strength in my legs and thought yippee! but now my arms have started.

i thought “boll*cks” and haven’t got the energy to build up my arms.

so now i do my own sweet thing regardless, in my case a glass of good cognac!

chin chin!

carole x