Hi All, Just found out today that when I took a loan out in 1999 I was covered by PPI which covered critical illness and I can claim a one off payment has anyone else dealt with anything like this. I only found out that I had PPI when I was clearing my old papers out.



I’ve claimed PPI on a mortgage I had and got the claim form from www.moneysavingexpert.com. I got a healthy payment from it. Where it asks if you would have been covered if you didn’t take out the policy, you reply that family or friends would have helped you out.

Hi, i made a claim on a loan i had with my bank. But be careful because some claim companies will charge you a percentage of the money you get back as a fee, sometimes up to 45%. The best way to claim is to get in touch with whoever you had the loan with, they will be able to sort everything out for no fee. Good luck.

Hello there,

Well I have to add something here that although having PPI is an advantage to some but everyone is not fortunate. They discover that their PPI had been miss-sold to them. In that case if you need to know more information then you can visit http://www.getppiclaimsback.co.uk/ for more detail.

I pray that no one get stuck in miss-selling PPI situation otherwise it feels like hard nut to crack. I have already suffered once so I don’t want anybody to go through the same pain as I did.