Power Chair Crutch Holder.

Hi. I need to use a power chair because I can’t walk that far because of my MS but I do walk sometimes with crutches. For this reason I’ve got 2 flat plates at the back of my power chair that I can stand my crutches up in and 2 fabric straps that tie the crutches to the chair so that I can take them with me when I go out.

The problem I’ve got is that I’ve lost one of the straps and the company I bought the power chair from haven’t been helpful in replacing it so I was looking for any ideas for getting a new strap or straps for holding my crutches. If anyone has got any ideas for where I can get something to hold my crutches it would be much appreciated. I’ve included pictures of my power chair, the crutch holder and one of the straps to tie my crutches to the chair. Thanks

Hi there. Not sure if this helps but would some sort of Velcro straps be of any use ( must be somewhere that does Velcro straps)

Thanks for the reply Hank_Dogs. That sounds useful- I will look into that.