Possible symptoms?


I would just like to ask a couple of questions, i don’t mean to be rude or to offend anybody and i don’t procaliam to know alot about multiple sclerosis, i have experianced a couple of the symtoms of MS within the last 2 months and i would just like to ask if anyone here has had simelar experiances, i understand that people have different symtoms, but i have yet to go to a doctor (have an appointment next week), i have read some of the other threads and also had a little look online and my symptoms don’t seem to be as severe as other peoples. i am quite a negative person, not my choice its just how i am so if i have a problem and Google it i will always assume the worst case senario.

Anyway about 2 months ago i was laid on the sofa and my right arm went dead, it felt like i had been punched in the arm and that lasted for the rest of the day, when i woke up the next morning my arm was fine, this has happened several times over the last 2 months but only lasting untill i went to bed and when i woke up i was fine, i’m quite lazy, i have finished college in june and am now taking a gap year before uni so my lifestyle isn’t the best right now, i would say this has happened about 5 times, after the first few i became more worried and started to see what it could be.

Then last week i woke up with double vision, and i have still got it, that is why i have booked a doctors oppiontment. anyway its not painfull at all just slightly annoying, i see one clear image and above wrighting or words there is a faded double of it, its worse the further away i am to the image, i.e a coumputer screen is fine but a couple of meteres away from the tv i have it. its in both eyes, when i cover either eye it is still there. its only bright coulers aswell like white writing on a back background, i paused the tv on an advert withe big black letters and it wasn’t there so i think its only bright colours.

I googled my symptoms and i don’t know anything to to with the medical world so it could be anything, i just wondered if anyone else had somthing simelar at the beggining of there Diagnoses, i am not saying i have MS, i have just read that my symtoms match the symtoms of ms but don’t seem to be as bad as other peoples.

I do believe talking to be people who have been through things have a better perspective on it that people who havn’t and i just am getting a little bit worried, thanks for taking your time and reading this.


Hi Andy,

There are a lot of things it could be to be honest but I’m glad you’re going to see your GP. All I can say is that even if your vision returns to normal, please go anyway (and let us know how you get on) as it’s better to err on the side of caution.


Hi Andy, sorry to hear about your symptoms. I cant comment on your arm issues but your vision to me sounds normal. It sounds to me you are only seeing double (or a ghost image) with text. If thats the case its quite normal, especially if you are viewing high contrast text in poor light.

I work with PC’s all day and this is quite common… true double vision is that you see double with everything not just text or lettering.

example of true

[image removed by Moderator]

I hope this helps ease your mind. My advise would be turn the lights on in the TV room, and PC room, get more natural light in, and make sure your eyes aren’t straining when looking at screens. You may just need glasses, so get your eyes tested.

oops the example is of true double vision.

I would agree with Cerilia to also get an eye test . That picture freaked me out too as I get double vision and that’s exactly how it looks and for a minute couldn’t work out why I could only see that bit double A x