Possible rrms

Hi Shows on my brain MRI evidence of previous flare ups ( never noticed ) Now I’m a 45 year old man and am having a bad one now 8 weeks ,double vision , pins & needles , the hug , etc… Currently in bed feet and lower leg pain really bad. Awaiting diagnoses questions please Could I have had RRms for years and been obliviously to it ? And now I’m entering one of the more progressive stages - forms I’m feeling better than I was 3 weeks ago But still bad. My wife would kill me if she saw this post lol… She has already told me off for too much searching But I’m a bloke and a worrier Thanks

Many people with RRMS can look back and identify periods that were probably relapses, but that we disregarded for whatever reason at the time.

8 weeks is no time at all for a relapse; many last very much longer.

Progression is very different to relapses. It is the gradual worsening of existing symptoms and the slow accumulation of new ones. It does not (generally) involve acute attacks. From what you’ve said on here, I do not believe for a second that you have secondary or primary progressive MS.

Your wife’s right - stop googling! You’ll only scare yourself more and completely unnecessarily!

Karen x

Thanks Karen That sounded just like my Wife ( I good telling off ) lol Can’t help worrying always been a stress head