Possible ms

Hi everyone

Iv been in a lost world for about a year now docs and hospitals dont know whats wrong with me iv had most tests and the only abnormal tests are ck levels high dispite life coming to a grinding halt and vit d low

Iv finally got a neuro appointment and im thinking its possible ms im looking for support really as some of the time iv been made to feel like im a timewaster dispite rarley visiting the docs prior to this

It all started about 2 years ago with my eyes then i relised i was stiffing up in my midriff hands then buzzing hot feet and extreme fatigue then slurring my words walking drunk clumbsy brain shutting down and trouble breathing and swallowing it got so bad i stopped going out iv been too scared i wont get back as i sieze up and kind of bend over

Iv also had the perception issue and virtigo type symptoms which went on for months it hasnt gone just subsided

My friends have been awsome and iv really needed the help as i dont have family sadly im a bit down as some of my friends are moving away and they are the ones that understand so i thought join the forum your not the only one ! So hi everyone hope you speak to you soon


Hi Lesley,

I can see why you’re thinking MS; the tests you have had; do they include MRI scan; Lumber Punch and Evoked Potentials?

Are you seeing a Neurologist specialising in MS?