Possible MS Diagnosis

Hello I am 28 years old and last year April 2017 I had my first episode. My thumb was numb then traveled up my arm then I had a facial drop on the left. My speech was slow and stuttered. I also had lost the use of my left leg and arm due to numbness. At that time they gave me a CT, MRI W/o contrast said it came back all normal. I was sent home with a conversion disorder diagnosis. Two weeks later it happened again. They pulled records from the previous hospital said conversion disorder as well. Saw a behavioral therapist she said I didn’t fit the criteria of Conversion disorder said to get another opinion. I spoke with my primary he referred me to a Neurologist. Neuro did full work up… MRI of brain, spine, spinal tap and blood work in June 2017. Brain MRI showed:

“abnormal periventricular T2 FLAIR signal hyperintensities in anti parallel configuration to the ventricles as well as a focus of abnormal signal in the right subinsular region.”

All other scans were clear. I had another episode in Nov. 2017 they said my MRI didn’t show active lesions. I deal with blurry hazy vision even with corrective lenses. Toes/leg/arm go numb at times, trip over my feet, pain around my ribs and lower back, fatigue, night time itching that’s not resolved when scratching, headaches as well.

I was just in the hospital two days ago because my speech was slurred and slight stuttering. No changes in Brain MRI AGAIN!!! I need advice on what to do or how long it had taken for a diagnosis. I live in MI SORRY THAT IT IS LONG I TRIED TO BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.

Hiya Butterfly,

Sorry impossible to diagnose over Internet but will say it’s definitely sounds neurological.

See MS does cause headaches but they can be far worse and constant with sticky-blood; otherwise symptoms mimic MS even show lesions.

Good luck.


What did you spinal tap show? Anything pointing to MS? Sometimes an abnormal mri is not sufficient for diagnosis.

That is a good question. Something like 80 to 95% of people with MS have Oligoclonal bands in their cerebrospinal fluid. This is something that is picked up by a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap). It doesn’t follow that everyone with O bands has MS, nor that without O bands, MS is impossible. It’s just part of the jigsaw neurologists use to make a diagnosis.

So generally, people have MRI scans, LP and maybe Evoked Potentials tests. These go alongside a physical examination by the neurologist to make a diagnosis of MS or otherwise.

Meanwhile, obviously it’s a difficult position, to have symptoms and test after test only to be left ‘in limbo’ as we describe it.i hope you get some more definitive answers soon.


Of course I understand thank you for your input. I’ll check out the link.

Spinal tap showed no bands. CSF results pretty normal. The neuro says I can be in the very beginning stages where the episodes are not big enough to show damage just yet.

Thank you. I go up to the University of Michigan on the 31st because my neurologist is stumped. All my test in June 2017 were after I no longer was having the issues (feeling better) so idk I’m just so frustrated that’s all. I’ve never had to deal with this before.