Hi everyone, I’ve been having Tysabri for 18months, relapse free!

I’ve been unlucky enough to be one of the chosen few who have developed P.ML as I was JC positive.

Please if anyone out there can offer me any glimmers of hope then I’m really in need of one!!!

The Barts Blog is a good source of reliable information. Multiple Sclerosis Research: Switching from Natalizumab to Fingolimod

Thank for that. Now i actually have PML i have to put MS and it’s treatment on the backburner. I was more hoping for some positive stories about P.M…

Hello Claire

I’m so sorry. What an absolute b@stard.

Hopefully you’re booked in for plasma exchange?

It sounds like if you’ve only been on Tysabri for 18 months they’ll have picked up the PML early. So that means the effects won’t be so awful. It’s still rotten bad luck.

I’m sorry, I can’t give you anything more than my sincere good luck, good wishes and hope that you’ll be OK.

Please let us know what happens next.