plegridy pen

Hello All, has anyone had prob’s with the pen? Tonight iv’e had a nightmare with them 1st pen i pushed down the guard only went half way and the needle scratched my skin but then the pen jammed so second one out the fridge leave for one hour,ready to go again press down not happening press down again now my skin and flesh is indented with the force another dodgy one!!! thats it i give up maybe try my last remaining pen until next delivery tomorrow night ARGHHHHHHH.

One didn’t work. I was half convinced that it was my dodgy hand and wrist not working. But I changed sides and tried a new pen which was fine. I reported it straight away to the M.S. nurse by email and she would let the Plegridy nurse know. All pens have been fine since then.

I’ve had a few that haven’t worked. Just let my MS nurse know and got a replacement. It was frustrating. I have a practice pen, which I always use prior to injecting. I think this has really helped, as I can then remind myself of how firm I need to be when injecting. I was given one by my MS nurse and when it stopped working correctly after several months of use I asked for another practice pen. See if you can get one.

Thanks, good idea I will call the nurse mon if she if she picks up the phone LOL…