plasma replacement

Has anybody had this treatment plasma replacement?
I have recently been diagnosed with ms and have just been offered this and would like to know what it entails and has it helped.

hi jrh i had plasma exchange,i dont know if its the same paddy

Hi Paddyc

thankyou so much for replying

my diagnosis has come back as rapidly evolving severe relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, and my consultant has advised that I consider having the plasma exchange before starting disease modifying treatment. however i have found mixed reviews online regards this treatment. can i ask did you see any benefit from it and how long did the plasma exchange treatment take as i have been told that it will be a 5 night stay in hospital. if you did see any improvement was short/long term, minor/major improvement etc? to be honest I’am still trying to get my head around the diagnosis itself let alone all the different treatments and medicines, as the onset was so rapid, in the space of a few months i have gone from being an lgv driver to mobility scooter driver, as it has taken 80% use in both legs. any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.


hi jon

my diagnosis was transverse myelitis

within 4 months i went from a pins and needles sensation under little toe to complete wheelchair bound

the plasma exchange i went through

a intravenous catheter in my chest this takes about 20 mins normally day before treatment

then a chest x-ray to make sure its been fitted correctly

the exchange then takes 1/1.5 hours a day over 5 days

once the final exchange is done, they will leave it 24 hours before they remove it

the treatment is painless , just sit there and have a cup of tea

you will fine the catheter a bit uncomfortable for the first day just take some painkillers

tell you to be careful if washing around the area

im afraid that it didnt have any effect on my condition, but that was due to the length of time

it took for them to start treatnent nearly 9 months from first sign

please feel free to ask any questions

which hospital are you hav ing it done ?



Hi Paddy

thanks for the reply. after a lot of reading on the internet, the treatment you went through is pretty much what is said on a lot of the sites, except for the catheter in the chest. To be honsest I dont like the sound of that bit. I’m sorry that the procedure didn’t help your condition, I hope that you find treatment that does improve your health.

thanks again for the information, and if I do think of anything else I’ll send you a message.

Thanks Jon

hi jon all the best