Hi,I have suffered with ms for just over 3 years now and in December 2016 decided to apply for pip as I had to leave work because I was getting worse with no surprise I was refused scoring 0 points on both parts so I asked for a reconsideration as I felt I was unfairly treated and feel the lady who assessed me didn’t have any knowledge of ms or wasn’t interested they still said no an was given another reconsideration which I did and sent letter from my doctor they have rung me saying they have received my doctors letter and asked me to confirm who I bank with is that a good sign can anybody help please thanks

Hi, welcome to the site. It does sound like they wanna give you some money!

But it isnt at all clear, is it?

It is unusual to have 2 re- considerations, but who knows what they do?

I should hang on a couple of weeks and see if any money goes into your bank…or ring hem and ask what`s happening.

I do hope you are awarded PIP.

luv Pollsx

Thank you I wasn’t happy with the first reconsideration an they said they will allow me another 28days but they still awarded me 0 points on my first reconsideration so I don’t think they will change it but thought it was strange them asking me to confirm my bank I’m with

thanks louise x

Your bank details are already included on the clam form, so I can’t see that asking again is necessarily a sign that they’re about to give you some money. But I could be wrong. Just don’t count on anything until you actually receive a letter telling you their decision.


Thanks everyone for your comments I have rang them and they are still in process with my claim and I asked why I was asked to confirm who I bank with and was told that they was making sure the account was still active in case of payment , and yes they already had my bank details on my original claim form and sed I should know my decision in the next few days

fingers crossed then…