PIP trial

I see that the PIP introduction (a trial in the North West) has been delayed by 3 months.

I wonder if the DLA re-assessments (OCT 2015) is also delayed?

Maybe the whole thing will go belly up with all the other welfare changes.

We can only hope so.

I hope the whole thing will go belly up and we watch this coalition government crumble.

Only wish there was a stronger opposition. Not in terms of people… I think there’s a huge opposition to what this government is doing… but in Labour we just don’t seem to have the fight-back that is needed.

It’s so sad when you think of all the years and years of fighting for decent benefits for disabled people, and social housing and legal aid and perhaps most especially the NHS… and today we see all of it thrown out like a pile of rubbish.

I could weep at what’s happening to this country.

Pat x

I really hope the whole silly thing is scrapped!!!

Hear Hear Pat. Couldn’t agree with you more!!!

Shazzie xxx

Hi Where is the link for this? I know Universal credit is delayed in 3 out of 4 trial areas in the north west for 3 months. As the pip changes aren’t a trial and cover the north east as well as north west for new claims does this affect all areas? Thanks Neil