Phantom pains

Does anyone else get this the feeling of pain but the docs can’t seem to figure out what it is I have had a sore wrist for a few days now my doc has sent me for X-rays but nothing has shown up the the pain is there and what makes it worse is it’s my left hand and I am left handed The other thing I seem to get is itching I scratch and scratch and sometimes breaks the skin but there is no reason to itch Any ideas please

Hi, well they’re probably not phantom. MS causes nerve pain which will not show up on an x-ray. I get it really bad in my wrist sometimes (have had it in both wrists at different times)… very very painful. Itching can also be cause by nerves and can be MS related. (I mean by the nerves being affected by MS… not by being nervous).

Several drugs can help this sort of thing. Gabapentin and Amitryptiline (spelling?) being two of the more well-known ones. Have a look at the symptoms page of this site for more info.

Pat x

I’m sorry, I should know this, but I can’t remember whether you’ve been diagnosed or not?

If you have, then it’s likely your pains are caused by the problem in your central nervous system that is called MS, and of course X-rays won’t find the injury, because it’s in your brain and/or spinal cord, NOT in the part of your body that seems to hurt.

My feet hurt like hell all the time. X-rays and ultrasound show nothing mechanically wrong with my feet. Which is not really surprising, because MS is is messing with my brain, NOT my feet. If you develop electrical faults in your brain or spinal cord - which, very simplistically, is what happens with MS - then information you receive about your body, what it’s doing, how it feels, may not necessarily be correct.

It doesn’t mean the pain is imaginary. Your brain is really getting pain signals - which is why you feel pain. But the signals, instead of being there for a good reason (i.e. that you’re really injured), are “wrong”.


Many thanks for that see my MS Nursetomorrow so let’s see what she has to say