Peristeen update

Jan has just been and shown me how to set it all up and get on with it all. She was so lovely and kind, I am waiting for my hubby to get home then going to have a go!! I think for the first time it will make more sense to have a pair of working hands!!!

Lots of luck needed, at least I haven’t resorted to a colostomy!! Thank you everyone who talked me out of it!!

Julie x


i used it for 18months with success.

it does take a wee while to get usedf to it but worth persevering. good luck!


Good luck darlin…


First time a huge success!! Quite grim but after I get into the routine and all becomes part of my usual “procedures” then it will be easier I am sure!!

Hi I’m glad you were successful. As you say it does just become part of your routine. I have been using the qufora for about 3 months and it has become part of my routine. It has made such a difference it is one of the few things that I know is a positive move forward. Well done you

Well done, the first step is the hardest…I was so worked up about starting Peristeen but it is fine when you get used to it and gives you benefits worth having.