Palliative care

Hi there I was reading how Palliative care can be for people with MS and not just end of life care. Do you know anyone who has been helped with this care with MS? Thanks Caz

No I don’t know of anyone. Where were you reading it Caz? If I heard that being referred to me with ms, I would think it the kiss of death!

Some medical professionals use the term Palliative care to describe treating an illness that has no cure. It is not always used to describe end of life treatments. The medication used to treat incurable illnesses are sometimes referred to as palliative affect, they basically treat the symptoms but can’t cure the illness. So, while it sounds terrible (MS doesn’t usually kill, it’s other factors made worse by MS) the term Palliative is used, ‘multidisciplinary approach & specialised medical care’ In theory, anyone who is under specialists & meds for an incurable illness is basically using palliative care Tracey x


Well I didn’t know that Tracey!

I have always associated palliative with end of life treatment.


Thank you!

It’s not just about end of life Poll, Poppy. It is relief from symptoms, pain, physical & mental stress of serious illness & improve life quality in patients. I am/was a palliative care Dietitian.


So you’ll know it’s right then. But I think the word is badly used/ misused!


It is Poll, but trust me, I used to look after people as a holistic treatment, not just for those that were dying. Tracey x

Hmm. I was a mortician. Probably explains my take on it.!

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So someone with ppms or any other chronic illness but otherwise healthy has a uti and the treatment relief off symtoms wrong surely.

I am today going to see practice nurse for my annual chronic disease review.

Basically any incurable illness hillybilly that is given treatment, but treatment cannot give a cure to, but treats all of the above. Four years of training in palliative care, as I said, a lot of critical care patients don’t die directly from their illnesses, other factors are the causes, they are given care that treats their pain, symptoms etc. The palliative pathway covers a broad range, not just end of life care.


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Well the palliative nurse came and said nothing they could help us with.

Our MS consultant thinks otherwise and will be writing a letter to explain.

Palliative ‘Relieving without curing, something that alleviates or lessens a problem, something that palliates, such as a drug’ Collins Dictionary. MS teams are basically giving palliative care as is anyone that is treating chronic illnesses with no cure. Tracey

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