painful and felt drunk

Hi all, wonder if any of you know why or if you have had this happen. For 3 day’s the centre of my neck has

been agony, if i turn, yawn, lie down and lift my head etc. Yesturday morning though i woke up feeling drunk,

my neck was still painful too. I took didrocodeine and paracetamol to no effect other than felt worse.

Have been taking the Amitripiline but that doesn’t seem to work either! I have woke this morning and

vaguely remember falling in the bathroom last night and my BF picking me up (thank god he was here).

The pain is slightly less and i don’t feel drunk today. (yet) as i’m losing faith rapid.

Thanks guy’s Sonia

Hi Sonia,

Sorry you are suffering.

Amitriptyline is fab for me but do somtimes wake up feeling like I havea hang over. Try to take it about 8pm.

I sometimes feel spaced out and forget things. No idea why.

I don’t know your history but perhaps give your MS nurse (if u have one) or GP a call on Monday, if u r still worried.

Hope u feel better soon. Clare x