Hi guys, been a while since I last posted, bit of a rollercoaster change of meds. Reason for the post is leg pain, I am used to the pins and needles although I take meds for this I’ve dropped my dosage due to complications caused by the medson liver function. Ive got what to me is a new symptom, the balls of my feet feel numb and the middle of my back feels like I’m being gently electrocuted and causing minor spasm in my neck. Has anyone had these symptoms or do I really need to go to the docs, almost on a first name basis with them, and I am with the receptionists lol. Thanks in advance :frowning:

Hi PJ,

I would suggest you pay your doc’ a visit or contact your ms nurse. I to have suffered with neck spasms and take clonazepam and Keppra which has helped a lot.