pain managment

had appointment at pain clinic and the doctor suggested injecting anesthetic into me to help lower back,hip and leg pain…has anyone else had this treatment for pain and are there any side effects?..also does anyone know where it would be injected into…would it be directly into spine?

Hi Baz It will depend on what they intend to put you on really but the injections can be direct in to a vein (IV) or in to muscle (IM) but they won’t just expect you to do it without train and support. It the same for side effects depends on what they put you on in the end. I hope this helps but if you message me with what they put you on i can help with more info Take Care Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Baz, There are different types of anesthetic but it is usually used to numb an area for a short time (like in the dentist) I recently had to have an LP and I had an injection of anesthetic to numb the area first… the preferred choice is usually lidocaine so i’m not sure what you are going to have. You can have steroid injections(usually cortisone) for pain which are usually injected in between the vertebrae or directly into the joint itself. hope this is some help. millie x