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Any advice on P/T jobs suitable for people with MS, I worked in finance/investment banking, IT research in the past, I’ve been unemployed for over 12months, it’s hard to get back to work, finding employment!. Ideally i’d like to work from home, but i can’t think straight at the moment, any ideas? much appreciated

There’s a growing area in working from home but I don’t know how you find work in that area. I was lucky because an ex-colleague approached me to ask if I would do some typing from home for his company.

I suppose you could advertise in your local press giving some idea of the type of work you could do at home and see if anyone contacts you? I think some companies are quite keen on this at it saves their overheads.

The company I work for p/t in the evening download audio files to my pc via the internet and I type them up and download them into their dropbox. I have a 30 hour work day job and don’t find the second job too taxing.

My day job is an administrator in a school. That is also an ideal job for someone with MS as many of them are now part-time (I see loads of jobs locally that are morning only), you get a holiday every 6 or 7 weeks, plus 6 weeks off every summer and the salary is averaged over 12 months so you still get paid in August when you haven’t worked at all :-). They are also very empathetic about the MS and have a good understanding of the Equality Act.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey x


Have you spoken to your Disability Employment Advisor at your Jobcentre (DEA).

They will have experience of helping people with disabilities find employment, plus will know the financial side of things like… Can you work & claim? Can Access to work help? Can you qualify for grants?

They will have ideas on the type of jobs that suit your skills & be able to support you through the quest to find employment.

gook luck


Hi, depending on your mobility, there is always options like Avon. I started doing this as I can pick my hours and days. It was great through the summer as I did nights only. However, the main problem with his type of job is that it’s commission based and self employed. Good luck, I hope you’re able to find something x

Thanks again Debs and Neil, I will contact the Disability Employment Advisor first to see if he/she can help.

Hi Ray, have you considered contract work at all? (Do you have the financial planning cert etc. by any chance?) There’s not necessarily so much P/T work BUT it can be accomodated with some contracts…

PM me if you want, I’ve been self employed for quite a long time, not ideal when I was diagnosed (permanent benefits were a luxury I didn’t have) but the bank I’m at know me and had no issues when I needed to re-jig hours for appointments etc. the work I’m doing right now suits a 5 in 4 days working week too so it’s long hours for 3 days, short day Fri and long weekend every week so I’m coping alright with it.

The agency I’ve worked for a lot are more than happy to keep me and my husband together and whilst they’re still an agency know what we can do and will try to place us somewhere that suits

PM me a bit more detail as there is ALWAYS work in London (you are in London aren’t you? I could be losing it tho as it is Friday!), I have lots of contacts etc.

Sonia x

Hi, I work from home as a Phoenix Trader, and like Debs34 I can pick my own Hours etc and now look after 17 other lovely people that have their own businesses from home with Phoenix , it means I can work mainly from my sofa when needed. Direct selling isnt everyones cup of tea but it has been the making of me and lots of other people.There are lots of different companies that offer different opportunities to sell.

Good luck, BCxx

I’m exttremely grateful to you all.