Optic Neuritis

My partner had trouble with her sight about a week ago. MS support was on holiday due to Christmas. The recommendation was GP who then suggested A&E after 4 hours there was no conclusion and no immediate support or advice what to do. My partner is clearly concerned about the long term prognosis but the immediate medical support is non existent. How do I support her and how she feels? She seems depressed in fact I know she’s depressed and, yet, that isn’t something that is discussed in our MS reviews. I feel frustrated for her and get accused of “treating her like an invalid” this is not my intention but I want to help.

Hi Nicole,

Gosh sounds like your partner had his first symptoms just before Christmas and is still waiting for the MS Specialist appointment. Optic neuritis does go away after time from what I read and I’m most certain the MS specialist can give treatment that helps with the physical discomforts. It’s also new to me (and my boyfriend) and we’re also still at a stage where we’re trying to figure it out and not freak out. The doctor can also prescribe anti-depressant from what I read on this forum. Though I am in favour of two things 1) love your partner cos what’s happening to them is utterly unfair 2) if she doesn’t want pity it could be mood swings (which is also a symptom of MS) or it could be that she needs you to be strong for her - tough love might help. Use your best judgement according to the circumstances and stay strong for the both of you!


Optical problems are common with MS patient, before my MS diagnostic I was suffering from nystagmus for about 2 month.

In order to reduce those problems and reduce brain and spinal sclerosis flareups, your partner will probably be given a 3 day treatment of cortisosteroids of Depo-Medrol ! it worked for me :slight_smile:

Good Luck !

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