one sided numbness

Sorry, here I am asking questions again!!

I am still undx’d after 5 years, but neuro has got it down to either HSP or PPMS… however… my daughter, who’s 20, has been having symptoms similar to mine for about a year now, but she doens’t feel ready to start on the path to dx as she said it’s pointless!!

Anyway… today she said she had a migraine, she’s gets headaches often and migraines qoccasionally, but today she had a headache (one sided) plus she said the whole of one side of her body went numb!! It wasn’t for long, no more than an hour, she’s now gone to bed, still with her hedache!!!

It doesn’t sound good to me!!

She’s suffered with headaches for a long time and has had a brain scan to see why she’s getting headaches, but nothing came back, that was about 2 years ago.

Any advice??

Thank you x

This kind of thing can happen with migraine, but it must be horribly scary. If I were you, I would want her to see a neuro who specialises in headache asap. Preventative meds might make the world of difference to her migraine, but also to her other symptoms too, and a specialist is the person to get her on the right one.

For what it’s worth, my migraine neuro recommended I try 400mg vitamin B2 a day (build up the dose gradually). It doesn’t work for everyone, but can help a lot - including me :slight_smile: If she has to wait a while for an appointment, it could be worth trying it.

Karen x

Thanks Karen,

I am trying to talk her into going the doctors, but at the moment she just doesn’t want to go. I think because she has seen my long journey of getting no where!!

I’ll show her this post and hopefully she’ll change her mind!!

Thanks again