OMG what the chuff next!

Morning friends.

Well I am about to tell you some not so great news!

You know about the pains in my heels, yeh?

Well I did go to the GP yesterday and explained it all.

My regular doc is on hols, so I saw a different one, I dont know so well.

She took my shoe and sock off and felt the top of my right foot and prodded it a few times.

She said Oh they are so cold. I cant feel any pulses

I know, they always are cold, and my legs too, I said.

Then I said ``Is it due to my immobility?`

I was gobsmacked with what she said next…

Not necessarily. Its more likely to be due to your arteries being furred up. We need to get this investigated.`

I asked what would that mean? She said;

Some people lose their legs due to this!

WTF? I exclaimed Oh for Gods sake. My mother had that`. (not her legs off, but the desease which she mentioned).

She said she would get a district nurse to come and do a doppler test. I asked what if it there is a problem? She said I would be referred to the hospital.

I asked what if it is ok…she said they would think again.

Well, guys, I spun in a circle in my wheelie…just couldnt take it all in…how much more will happen to me?.

Only last week, I was feeling happy and accepted the fact that I have spastic paraparesis…cause unknown and defo not MS.

More crap to knock my thinking!

I got out of the surgery where hubby was waiting in the van with our Lucy and just filled up and blurted it out.

hubby said `What a thought``.

I rang my sisters and told them, we were all meeting an hour later, at the slimming club. we met earlier and i didnt feel like sitting in class, so i didnt go.

One sis came home and slept with me. We all cried.

Anyway, a district nurse has rung and said she will come on monday to do the test.

oh chuff with a capital C, eh?

luv Pollx

Oh Poll, What a thing to be told! I am so sorry but hopefully she is warning you about the worst case scenario and nothing like this will occur. I can imagine that you must feel scared, worried and horrified all at once. I really hope this is nothing to worry about and that the GP is just being an eager beaver. Let us know how you get on, on Monday and what she says. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Oh Poll,

I do think it was wrong of the doctor to tell you the worst outcome of a condition you still might not even have!

As you say, your mum didn’t lose her legs to it (and presumably medicine has progressed since then), so it can’t be the normal outcome, can it?

I can only assume the doctor wanted to impress upon you the importance of getting it checked, and not to go home and forget about it. I can’t think of any other reason she would mention such an extreme outcome.

Mind you, they do some very thoughtless things, at times. When I was not yet diagnosed, my neuro mentioned an alternative diagnosis he was considering, and even wrote down the name of it for me, so I could go home and Google. Bad mistake! I found out this other bl**dy thing was even worse than MS, and would like as not kill me - probably in months, if I wasn’t treated - which of course, I wasn’t, being still undiagnosed.

It was a great big hoo-ha over nothing, as I never did have this other thing, and the ONE test result that suggested I might was never repeatable, and had almost certainly been due to contamination at the lab. So my neuro probably never should have mentioned it, without more convincing evidence. I think, from his professional point-of-view, he just got carried away with how “interesting” it was, and never considered that the patient would go away and read that it’s a killer! They don’t realise one stray remark can send us into a spin.

On the plus side, at least if it IS anything serious, it may turn out you were very lucky to see a doctor who picked up on it. I suspect, if you hadn’t seen this doctor, you might have been fobbed off for years, with: “This is part of your condition”. And maybe it still is, but at least you’ve got a doctor who investigates thoroughly, and doesn’t assume.



Hi Poll,take some deep breaths and try calm down,what the dr said has set your mind in a spin,and i am not surprised,

you are getting the problem checked out,and it will probably not be half as bad as you are thinking it could be,we always do think the worst ,i know i do,i get all upset wth myself,and blow it all out of proportion,and then when its not as bad as i feared i get cross with myself for getting in a state.Try relax,and tell yourself it will be ok,chances are it WILL be.

jaki xx

Come on Poll,this is going to be a good week.

Your sis-in-law had good scan results and so will you.

If the doppler does throw up some problems it will be the quickest youve ever had a dx, and then you can look at addressing the underlying cause. Not only that but then you can have the proper treatment to deal with the pain.

Chin up chuck.


Whoa, they’ve got a note on your file never to let you have peace of mind for more than a week at a time, haven’t they?

I’m with Tina, that it could be fortunate this doc hasn’t simply fobbed you off. Ruling out the most serious cause first is a sensible way of dealing with the problem.

Here’s hoping it turns out to be something easily treatable and that you get to relax soon.

Lolli xx

Hi Poll As you may remember I too suffer from extremely cold legs and feet so much so that I had a Doppler test done and was duly sent to see a vascular surgeon. Turns out the nurse didn’t do the test correctly and there was nothing wrong with my circulation !!! When I asked him why my legs and feet were SO cold he said it was due to being immobile!! I also suffer from painful heels in particular when I lie down in bed, I put that down to plantar fasciitis which is inflammation of the tendons in sole of feet I think!!! Try not to think the worst Poll as I lost sleep over it to be told there was nothing wrong with the circulation!!! Off to hospital next Thursday to get bladder stone removed!!! Take good care Thinking of you luv Linda x

Hi Poll

OMG it never rains but it pours, try to keep an open mind until you have

the test, easier said than done I know, but there is no point worrying until

you know is there is anything to worry about, if that makes sense.

I do think it improper of your doctor to stress the worse case senario until

they know what it is, not very professional to do that, but I am glad you are

not being fobbed off and getting it checked.

Chin up Poll, fingers crossed for you, and do let us know what they say.

Pam x

Hello Poll, What a horrible time you are having. I have pain in my heels, but also arms legs and chest, I have just been prescribed Gabapentin to help. I really hope that all is well with you, sending positive thoughts.

Hi Poll, Can’t add anything else to what the others have said so instead I’m sending you the biggest ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and try to stay positive,



Thankyou so much to you all.

I can take something positive from your replies ;

that this doc did think it could be something which needs urgent attention. It was just unfortunate that she put the losing legs in a way to scare the shoeshine out of me!

i have a good neighbour who sees the doc I usually see. A few years ago my firned was being treated for depression by our regular GP and she collapsed at home…with 2 brain tumours!!!

So maybe, just maybe, if I had seen usual doc, she may not have been as vigilant as her colleague, eh?

Therefore I am taking that as a good thing.

Now for some of my weird humour;

Sis and I went into town for a hair dye kit, after Id been to docs and everytime I looked at things in shops like shoes, socks and even a sexy garter, I thought, Well, I wont be buying any of those.

I know, I`m stupid!

By the way, the hair turned out fab!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

What awful news to be given. I think this GP was very insensitive in the way he told you about your legs.

There was no need to scare you like this especially as you have not even had the test done.

I hope all turns out to be ok and good luck on Monday.

Glad the hair turned out well - we girls feel so much better with nice hair!!!

Chuffin ekk!..

Sexy garter??? You will be putting your hubby’s blood pressure through the roof!!!


Thinking of you Poll. Terrible bloody news… but…

I do agree with others that it was awful to tell you this when they haven’t even done the tests! Very insensitive and it’s very likely that they have got you so worried when it’s likely to be ok.

Take care hon and hope it all turns out to be a mountain out of a mole hill which it may… but as you say it’s good to get it all checked out.

Pat x

Cheers Pat, you`re always there to give me a few words of encouragment. Bless you.

lluv Pollx