Officially diagnosed - hello again

Hi folks ,

Got my diagnosis confirmed on Friday - knew it was coming as have seen lesions on my MRIs since October last year.

Neuro seems to think my prognosis is good as I’ve had symptoms since 2014 ; altered sensations in my legs , sometimes hand and Lhermitte’s sign , however as I’ve around 3 spinal lesions she wants to get me on a DMT quickly , so we’ll be meeting in a few weeks to discuss further

DMTs she’s offered initially are Kesimpta , Ocrevus , Ponvory and Tecfidera - having researched , I’m inclined to pick Kesimpta , what’s peoples views on this ? I know there are previous posts , just wondered what the most up to date view is ? Concern I also have is how it suppresses the immune system , however I’ve seen stats publish this year suggesting people on Kesimpta have done alright vs covid .

I’m currently an EDSS 0 - if I go on Kesimpta and it’s all good, despite normal aging , is there are chance I could remain EDSS 0 for a while ?

Thanks to everyone in advance

Hi, hopefully this image of a recent study may help. I believe Kesimpta provides a good vaccine response whereas Ocrevus doesn’t. I’m on Ocrevus and have so far avoided covid so I can’t comment further.


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Hi welcome but your prognosis sounds great.

I have PPMS…25 years now…so no DMDs for me.

Hope it works well for you chick,

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I have been lurking about on this forum since I was diagnosed in March but your post prompted me to sign up ….I just started Kesimpta (second injection this week) and there is very little on how you actually feel on here. Self injection is easy and you barely feel it - nothing to worry about but I felt grim (whole body aches, shakes, raging temperature) but only for about 4 hours after the first injection then came through it (started to feel unwell about 4/5 hours after the actual injection - so my advice is make sure you are at home by then!). I was therefore dreading this week’s injection (you have weekly injections in the first month then it goes to monthly) but it was totally fine -very few symptoms and I timed my injection to sleep through it which I did!!! I do feel a bit tired but that seems to be getting better as well. My advice to anyone starting is to plan to have a low key week after your first injection. Otherwise so far/so good and it feels like the right choice for me as I think once I get to monthly injections I won’t even notice it.

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Sorry meant to say - I’m in a fairly similar position to you EDS 0, lhermettes sign which has pretty much gone and some tingling in my hands and feet intermittently. I also had 3 spinal lesions but they seem to have pretty much healed (thankfully)….

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