Ocrevus and Herpes simplex virus

Hello Everyone,

I got diagnosed with RRMS in May 2021, It is now July and I am 29 years old.

I am due to start Ocrevus in 4 days time but I am so worried and so scared. I do have the Herpes Simplex Virus and my Neurologist and MS nurse have both said I am more at risk of developing Meningoencephalitis which has put the fear of god into me as I believe there is a high chance of that been fatal.

My Neourologist said I have a lot of active lesions on my brain and that’s why he wants me to have this DMT, He said the Tecfedera tablets probably wont be strong enough and the other infusion Tysabri isn’t ideal for me as I hate needles and he said if I tests positive for the JC virus then I would need to go on Ocrevus anyway.

I just don’t know what to do as if I have this infusion then I want to know how much more risk I am at of having a serious side effect like a brain infection etc.

I don’t want to risk my MS getting worse when I am a 29 year old female but I also don’t want to risk something so serious that I may not recover from.

I am so scared and worried, I just don’t know what to do.

Thank you in advance,

hi there, im on ocrevus infusions at the moment and im sure that what you are worried about the chances of you getting this infection are minute but the nurses have to tell you about it as a matter of course,there is the chance of side effects having any medicne.
you also say that you are scared of needles which i would say that i am too and this was the reason i went onto tecfedera tablets firstly but after 9 months i thought that tecfedera wasnt doing anything for me so now ocrevus it is for me. i find that it is best to just look away when they put the cannula in and one its in you dont really feel it and its suprising how quickly the time goes.
hope this helps.