Ocrevus accepted

Hi. I have just been told pending blood test and a chest x-ray I have been accepted to try Ocrevus. Been reading up about it and it seems like its worth a try. However you will never really know how much good its doing. As you would never know at what rate you would have deteriorated without it. I only one on here on it? How has it been for you did you suffer any of the side affects?

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Hi, well done on getting the drug…pending the tests I mean.

Hope it helps slow progression…never mind about what it may or may not stop…just enjoy the better times hun.

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Hi, I to have just been accepted to go on this drug and have the same questions as yourself. Think its get to be worth a go after reading about it.

Good luck.

just about to get my second infusion in a couple of weeks. Not entirely sure if it is doing any good, as you say you would never know at what rate you would have deteriorated. I have had no side affects what so ever and because of this I am happy to continue with the infusions as I will take anything to slow this down. Feeling particularly fed about the whole MS thing at the moment but keep plodding on. Best of luck with your infusion. Kaye xx

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