Nothing in terms of an answer!!

Since I joined this lovely group I have had (Suffered) a series of EMG/NCT procedures which came back “normal” which was a complete surprise to me as the recent tests I have had done stated; Active Denervation within the large muscles of both legs/feet with LP-CSF high in protein, I now await yet another consultation with the Consultant Neurologist.

So, thank you for letting me be a part of your Society and sorry I couldn’t contribute anything worthwhile whilst I was on here but I did have some very interesting reading from your members, thanks…This little journey of mine with numbness/parathesia/anaesthesia/trigeminal/blurred vision etc, etc has been constant for the past 8 years hopefully I may just get a diagnosis before I pop my clogs!!!.

All the very best. Ivan.

you must be a Tyke - they’re the only people who talk about ‘popping their clogs’

What’s a “Tyke”…I haven’t worn clogs since my early school day’s in1942 but it looks s if I my well pop them before I get a diagnosis…“Tyke” is such an interesting word…I shall look it uo right now…Regards to all, Ivan.

Thank you… Dictionary = “Tyke”…“An unpleasant or coarse man”…ummm and we have never met.


A Tyke can also mean someone from Yorkshire. So Krakowian wasn’t intending to cause offence.

Although you took long enough to take it. 3 months seems quite a long time to store up a bit of annoyance.

And btw Krakowian, popping your clogs can be used in lots of places in the UK. So Ivan isn’t even necessarily a Tyke.


What were the ‘recent tests’ you mention, the results of which sound like they pinpoint a real problem though not due to MS, but which now seem contradicted by the ‘normal’ EMG/NCT result? Did you get an explanation for the high protein in your CSF?

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Thank you for your response, since my last posting I have now received an Hospital Neurologist Appointment - Mid November 2017.

Hopefully I may have some information.

Best regards, Ivan.