Not suitable for treatment

When I last saw my Neuro he mentiioned that a local professor was performing trials relating to the treatment of PPMS and he would put my name forward for the study fingers crossed there may have been light at the end of the tunnel

I recieved a letter today saying that the professor has been in touch with my neuro stating that because I have neurofibromatosis type 1 as well as PPMS I am not suiited for the study

Ah well back to square 1 then

Sorry to hear that.


Bad luck Jon.

As if having ppms isn’t enough eh?

Oh well at least you tried.

Pat x

There are no approved treatments for PPMS, but take a look at and see if you think it might help.

Yeah I know that but there are some new trials they are doing

I hope the promise of “jam tomorrow” works out for for you.

Oh, what a chuff!

luv POllx