Non-m.s. query - Typing

A dissertation for my college course is ready to be typed up. A work colleague has offered to do the typing - app 15,000 words - straightforward - no graphs or tables. She has hinted she wants some payment - how much should I offer. How much would a professional typist charge.


Google says £7.00 per 1000 words. That’s for a professional. Jan

If she does fifty words per minute and I’ve worked it out right that’s five hours work. I guess she won’t pay tax on it…what the average wage for a typist in your workplace?

I used to type documents in the evening for various people. Speed depends on whether dictated or copy. Copy typing is obviously slower and of course depends on how legible the writing is! At my best and if dictated I averaged 72 words per minute, copy was slower. Hope this gives some idea. No chance of getting anywhere near those speeds now unfortunately. Check local agencies and see what they are paying for temp typists this should give a bench mark.

I have a second income which is typing at home for a firm of financial advisers. They pay me £9.00 per hour before tax which is generous compared to my day job (admin). If she is not going to declare it and pay tax then you would reasonably expect to pay the going rate less 20%. Why should you pay the full rate if she is getting it tax free? I thnk £7.00 an hour would be plenty.

thanks for the replies.

Good luck with the dissertation. Jan