No warning bowel movement

My son who is in 30’s is at his wits end and to be honest, I am struggling watching him suffer. He is under a specialist for his bowel, was prescribed Celeriac to see if that would help. Sadly not helped at all, specialist talking about trying a med called Linaclotide. Has anyone used either med ?

Today we went for a walk and without warning his bowels opened. As you can imagine my son was extremely distressed. Luckily we didn’t have far to reach home.

My son lives in fear of leaving the house because of the no warning. We carry around in the car a set of clothes etc in case of accidents.
It breaks my heart hearing him say “What woman is going to want a relationship with me mum”

To say am broken is an understatement, am struggling every day to function. If you got this far thank you for reading

Hello there. This is a difficult one to handle. I am doubly incontinent, so know how hard it is.

I dont know about those meds…what are they supposed to do?

I actually had a bowel accident as well only this morning…as my carer got me hoisted out of bed, I did it. I have very little warning, if any and can do nothing to stop it.

Luckily all but one of these accidents happened at home.

Some people use something called Peristeen…it is a bowel wash out that is used daily or on alternate days. Once the bowel is washed out, you can continue your day in safety!


Me again. I did it again today…just missed the dog as she ran under my commode as I was etting up from bed.



Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear your suffering as well. No idea what the meds do sorry yet to find out

Peristeen is very effective. I use it daily. It takes about half an hour to do and then no worries for the rest of the day.

I use Peristeen system and it works well for me. If I am going out I can be very confident that I won’t have a problem. Have a look at online info or ask you GP or nurse to give you some info. Good luck.M