No spoons

Good morning lovely people. Hope you are all safe and as well as possible. Not sure if you are aware of the spoon theory, often used in Fibromyalgia sufferers. I am not usually a downbeat person but recently I have been feeling soooo ill. This is nothing to do with Covid, in fact I have been happy about staying home because I really need a break. The trouble is now that I am staying home I feel irrigation that my energy levels are rock bottom. I am in a relapse with increased spasticity and spasms plus weakness in arms and legs. Spoke to my gp who is great but of course he advised against the usual high dose steroids he would usually offer me because of his concerns that if I happen to get Covid the steroids would leave me more likely to struggle. I am so fed uo with not being able to do anything, I want to sort out some fabric to make masks for my family. I also have loads of clearing up and sorting out of my bedroom and a huge stack of paperwork to file. The list goes on but I am struggling even to make a cuppa then when I have made it I don’t have the strength to lift the mug and drink it. I am supposed to ISC several times a day but that is not happening, I am managing twice a day and hoping that will do. So sorry to be having a moan, I am very much aware that many many people have far worse struggles. Thanks for letting me vent. Ellie

Hello Ellie

I’m sorry you’re having a rotten time just at the moment, this really is not a good time to be having a relapse …but you can’t tell MS that. (Of course, there is never a good time, but I trust you understand what I meant).

I’m replying to your post to thank you for reminding me of Spoon Theory, I’ve not heard that mentioned for quite a few years, and admit I’d completely forgotten about it.

Don’t apologise for having a moan, I think every one of us needs to let off steam from time to time, and I hope you feel better for it. If not, then moan some more, I’m sure no one will mind.

All the best


Hi Ellie,

Yes, I heard of the spoons theory years ago and I use the analogy for the number of steps I can do in a day as I really struggle to walk. Indoors I have a frame, outdoors scooter.

Every time I walk round my house I think about how to use my steps as economically as possible. Don’t go to the kitchen to get something - what can I take there too?

Totally understand your frustration, lockdown is bad enough without having to cope with our MS symptoms too.

Are you on anything for your spasms? Baclofen or Tizanidine ?

Look after yourself.


Thank you Ben and Jen for your kind replies. I am sorry you have to count steps or rather make steps count Jen but thinking about it first is a great idea. I have just been prescribed Tizanidine so hoping they may help. Ben I appreciate your comments and yes I did get what you meant lol. I think my spoons have gone into hiding atm. Trying to pick myself up. Ellie

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Hope you find some spoons very soon.I am going through same just now i feel so worn out with everything and no desire to do anything.Hopefully things will change for us this next few months.My little granddaughter keeps a smile on my face but i havent seen her in 8 weeks.x