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Hi all My hubby has ppms and bedbound. His memory is very bad and he does get confused a lot. Due to the progression of his lesions he speaks but not long conversations. His carer called me into a room last week to tell me to ask my husband why is he ignoring her when she talks to him.i told her please dont take it personal as he is ill and cannot compute long duscussions. She was very angry about it. That evening i printed some literature for her on cognitive communication. She ranted and raved to the point i had ask her to leave. She will not be coming back…how can someone who has been coming here so long take it personally…bwtter she doesn’t care for him in case she got angry with him.

humans are strange-find the right carer for you both. i know thats not easy but will be worth it!

take care both.


Hi Ellie We thought we had the right carer as she has been brilliant for over 2 years but this reaction from her was not healthy. Cax

If it was not normal for her, do you think something else was going on with her at home perhaps? I know no excuse, but she must know how his MS effects him surely after 2 years. my little PA has been with me 2 years and we have our own language now lol…she knows what I want when I cant get the words out.

I find it hard to believe suddenly she hasn’t realised he has cognitive issues, that is very strange and if out of character for her something could have been amiss.

You certainly did the right thing though you cant have that around your hubby he has enough to cope with. xx

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This wasnt the first time I over heard her a few months ago asking him if he recognised her as she had been on holiday a few weeks and he didnt remember her name. She took that personal then too. No it was her time to go…Who knows how she would react if I am not there…

Hi Caz,

I think you’ve done the right thing as she had to go she was obviously in the wrong job - there’s a clue in the title of ‘carer’. You have to go with your instincts and what’s right for your husband and yourself.

Twinkle Toes x

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That is very strange behaviour from a so called professional, you have most certainly done the right thing.

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If she is with an agency, you should raise it with them, seems to say lack of training on her part. If not, good luck with recruiting the next one.