Hi everyone,

im Leanne and I am 36 and live in South wales.

i was diagnosed in February with RRMS and it was picked up after a few months due to having a few other neuro conditions. I have had 5 relapses since August last year and am waiting to start tysabri.

Look forward to chatting to you all

Hello Newbie, welcome to the boards hope you find us friendly and helpful. Keep Calm and Carry On is my motto.

Jan x

Hi, welcome to the site. Sorry you had to join the Ms club, this is a really friendly site so ask any questions you want to.

ann x


I am also in S Wales, this is my first post. Diagnosed with CIS March 2015 but advised am very very likely to get DX of MS shortly due to MRI scan results. Was baffled at first why the delay but am getting used to it now.

Good luck