newbie to Site - Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this site… I have recently diagnosed with R.R MS.

I am 26 years old - here’s a brief history etc…

I had my First ‘Episode’ middle of 2011 - which lasted for 7 months!! was a nightmare and couldnt work - had the MRI scan and Legions were found, bloods etc were all clear and started steroids which i didnt take well too and had to be taken off them, however when the symptoms finally went away - it was total remission and it was if nothing had ever happened - i hoped it was a one off and life went on.

However - just under 2 years later (7ish weeks ago) i had a relapse - a bad one. alot more symptoms and problems came up. i still have these - and yet again - i cannot work.

as i have already had the scans - more blood tests - and general tests for weakness/balance/responses etc my Neurologist and MS Nurse were confident to give me a Clinical Diagnosis of MS. (Unfortuently - in his words, to cross all the I’s and dot the T’s i have to have Lumbar Puncture) I am soooooooo scared. I have had a Lumbar Puncture during childhood as i had Bacterial Meningitus and can still remember it - however it was done in an emergency so i didnt have any anesthetic. VERY PAINFUL.

Also - has i have relapsed in under 2 years, i am applicable to now start the Disease Modifying Drugs - it is my choice i do not have too however i have been told they may help to space out relapses, but means i will have to self inject myself everyday… and i just don’t know what to do…??? i just dont know :frowning:

I am just confused, scared, annoyed, overly emotional and concerned about my job etc…

Cant wait for this relapse to go away.


Hi! Your story sounds very familiar! I too had more than one relapse in last four years and then masisive one in April just gone, which left me barely able to walk. I am thankful that I got my diagnosis so fast, all in all it took them four weeks. They wanted me to have a lumbar puncture for completeness but they had already diagnosed RRMS so I declined it and my neurologist basically said, ‘fair enough, we don’t absolutely need it Anyway’ I am now on daily injections which are more annoying than anything to be scared of, if you have a good MS nurse, he/she will talk you through them all and make sure you are ok injecting. It’s a massive thing to take in, both mentally and physically and some adjustments will be needed but I am now back at work full time, which is hard work from a fatigue sense but I am stubborn and whilst I can do it, I will. My employers are fab and let me have plenty of rests and I really don’t think I would have managed without their amazing support xxxxxxx Just sending you this, as if you have looked through the posts in these forums, you will see that if you have a problem or query, it will turn out that someone else will have experienced something similar and will be here to help xxxx you are NOT alone! Take care and I hope you have a happy holiday time x

Apparently I cannot spell massive, ha ha

Hey Zazzy I too was scared about LP appointment so refused it and they diagnosed me anyway - ba…ds However lots of people on this site have posted ok things about LPs. DMDs DEFINATELY - research shows they slow disease progression and reduce relapses. Yes it is initially scary to inject. But you get used to it. It’s still a pain to do. But it is our fight against this bl…dy disease. Good luck Min xx

Hello Dingbat and FlowerfairyMin :slight_smile:

Thankyou both for your replies… i think its great that there is this type of site i can come too and get advice and support. The more and more i have been researching into the daily injections, the more i am starting to think that starting them earlier on in the disease may be a good idea. I am currently 70% do it and 30% dont.

I dont have to rush at least, as i dont need to let my MS Nurse know until the new year - i haven’t told my Mum about it yet either - purposely left this bit out when i told her (My mum becomes very upset about this and is a natural born worrier anyway - even though i keep re-assuring her, so me and my dad agreed we wouldnt tell her until after Chistmas)

Oh Well. Thanks again guys and have a Fab Christmas.

Zazzy xx

Hi Zazzy, I was only dx on the 3rd of dec. 32 yr old female. Just take your time reading the info. A good site is which takes you through the options. I’m meeting the consultant on the 6th Jan to discuss everything (I hope!) Good luck! Lorna xx